Build Sturdy Tomato Cages Out of PVC Pipe

One of the staples of any backyard garden is tomatoes. But tomato plants need some structure around them to support the branches when they get heavy. There are many different kinds of Tomato cages or tomato trellises that you can buy but many prefer to build their own. Often store bought tomato cages are not very sturdy and do not hold up to full healthy plants full of tomatoes. This can result in your tomatoes ending up on the ground and spoiling them. Obviously we have a cheap and easy solution to this problem. We can build our own extra sturdy tomato cages out of pvc pipe. This is a very simple but very useful project, our favorite kind here at

This is a great project for anyone with some tomato plants in the back yard. Read on for the list of parts, plans, and video guide.


Materials Needed to Build PVC Tomato Cage the amount of [...]