How To Make a PVC Laptop Stand

This simple PVC laptop stand might one of the biggest money saving projects we have every featured. Overheating is by far the most common cause of laptop failure. Laptops overheat because there is not enough room underneath them for sufficient airflow. For a few dollars in parts and a few minutes of your time, you can build a Laptop Stand that will let air circulate better under your laptop and extend its life. It also lets you set your laptop at a more ergonomic angle when working on a desk. The stand also makes a great holder for an Ipad or Tablet.


Materials Needed to Build PVC Laptop Stand about 3 feet of 1/2″ diameter PVC pipe six 90 degree PVC elbows a little pvc glue is recommended but not required


How to Build Your Own PVC Laptop Stand

This project is so incredibly simple and easy to build, the video is barely over one minute long. First [...]