Build Sturdy Tomato Cages Out of PVC Pipe

One of the staples of any backyard garden is tomatoes.  But tomato plants need some structure around them to support the branches when they get heavy.  There are many different kinds of Tomato cages or tomato trellises that you can buy but many prefer to build their own. Often store bought tomato cages are not very sturdy and do not hold up to full healthy plants full of tomatoes. This can result in your tomatoes ending up on the ground and spoiling them.  Obviously we have a cheap and easy solution to this problem. We can build our own extra sturdy tomato cages out of pvc pipe.  This is a very simple but very useful project, our favorite kind here at

This is a great project for anyone with some tomato plants in the back yard. Read on for the list of parts, plans, and video guide.


Materials Needed to Build PVC Tomato Cage

  • the amount of pvc pipe you need for this project will vary depending on your tomato cage design, size, and how many you intend to make
  • we recommend 3/8″ or 1/2″ pvp pipe
  • the tomato cages in the video use a lot of elbow pieces but you could modify your own cages to use less
  • we recommend pvc glue to make your tomato cage extra sturdy

How to Build Your Own PVC Tomato Cage

First you will need to settle on the design of your tomato cage. You can use the one below or come up with your own to suit your own needs. Draw out your design on paper and figure out how many lengths of pvc you will need. It is easier if you design your cage so that all the lengths of pvc pipe are the same. You will need to figure out how many elbow connectors you need as well. Be careful when looking at your drawing to differentiate between, 2way, 3way, 4way, and 5way elbows.

Now cut your pvc pipes to length and start form fitting your tomato cages together. Build them without glue first to make sure everything is fitting together nice and tight. Now come back and carefully glue the joints together.  That’s it! Like I said this is a super simple project, yet very useful if you grow tomatoes in your backyard garden.

You may want to paint the pvc tomato cages to protect them from the sun and the elements, but this step is not required.

The below video shows one design for building a pvc tomato cage or tomato trellis. We would love to see your designs as well as any other pvc garden projects.


If you liked this project and want more ideas for building things out of PVC that you can use in your garden, Check out our other PVC Garden Projects.  We also love to hear from our readers with comments, project suggestions, and especially pictures of projects they have built.