How to build a PVC Pipe Laundry Bag Holder

 The PVC laundry rack is such an easy and useful project to build, I can’t believe it hasn’t been featured here yet. This is a simple project that can be built in an hour or two at most. The costs of this project are also minimal. The most expensive thing may be the bags for the laundry. While laundry racks generally aren’t an expensive item, the store bought laundry racks and laundry hampers are usually flimsy and fall apart rather quickly. Another drawback of store bought Laundry racks is that they are generally, in my opinion, on the small side for family use.

Materials Needed to Build your Own PVC Laundry Rack

  • (8) 3 Way pvc elbows in same size as your pvc pipe (4 for top corners, 4 for bottom corners)
  • (4) 4-way Tee PVC Fitting Connector (for middle crossbars, if you intend to make a 3 hamper laundry rack you will need (4) more of these connectors)
  • PVC Cement
  • Mesh Laundry Bags (Can be found at any big box store)
  • Aproximately. 41 ft. of PVC Pipe in your chosen diameter. (we suggest 1-1/4″)

How to Build Your Own PVC Laundry Bag Holder

First you need to decide how large you want your Laundry Bag Holder to be, and how many bags it will hold. For this guide we will be building a 40″ tall rack that is about 3 feet wide and 18″ deep. It will hold two laundry bags.  This is a very basic design illustrated below but you could easily modify it to suit your own needs. For example you may want yours to hold 3 bags, in which case you would need a few more lengths of pvc pipe and 4-way connectors for the extra crossbars.

PVC Laundry Rack Plans

Very Simple Plans for a PVC Laundry Basket Holder

Once you have finalized your plan its time to start cutting your pvc pipes to length. For this design we settled on 40″ tall, so we will need a total of six 40″ sections of pvc pipe, as well as fourteen 18″ lengths for the smaller connecting pieces.  We chose 18″ so that they could all be the same size for simplicity, but you could of course make your laundry basket holder deeper, taller, or longer to suit your own needs.

When you have all your pieces of pvc cut and layed out, take the time to dry fit them together and make sure everything lines up and fits right. If it all looks good now you are ready to glue the pieces together.  Make sure to wipe off excess glue before it dries for a neater finished product.

Once your glue has dried, you can attach your laundry bags.  There are several ways to do this, but I find the easiest is with four of those cheap keychain carabiners per bag. They should be strong enough to hold up a heavy bag of laundry and they release quickly and easily when you want to take the entire bag out. If you do not need to remove your laundry bags from the holder you can use some light rope or twine to tie them to the pvc frame.

pvc laundry basket holder

Your holder should look something like this. If you followed our plans you will only have 2 baskets instead of 3 though.

And thats it!  A dirt simple project that I guarantee will outlast any store bought laundry basket holder of comparable price.  With all the amazing things people are building with PVC pipe these days, sometimes it’s easy to forget that the simple projects are often the most useful. Do you have a similar project that you would like to show off? Questions or Comments about this project?  Contact us and let us know! If you found this guide helpful, then check back soon because we will be featuring more of these simple, yet ultra-useful household pvc projects in the near future.