The Best PVC Greenhouse Designs

PVC Greenhouses have been among the most popular PVC projects for years, and for good reason. They are a fraction of the price of other store bought greenhouses, they work, and they are infinitely customizable. Instead of buying an overpriced and poor quality greenhouse from a big box store, more and more people are deciding build their own pvc greenhouse to their specifications.  One of the best things about pvc greenhouses is their variety and uniqueness.  PVC Greenhouse designs come in all levels of difficulty from simple to extremely complex, and all sizes from small grow boxes to massive industrial sized structures.   Below you will find just a few of the different pvc greenhouse designs highlighted.   If you have your own unique pvc greenhouse design please share it with us.


Arched PVC Greenhouse Designs

The arched design is the most common pvc greenhouse design.  It is also arguably the easiest design for building larger sized greenhouses.  Here are a few examples of arched pvc greenhouses.


arched pvc greenhouse design

Here is a perfect example of the classic arched pvc greenhouse design.  This design can easily be built as long as needed.  Other variations include a larger and taller arch and wider base.



pvc greenhouse arched designThis picture shows an arched pvc greenhouse before the covering was added.  The wood door frame and base are optional and provide a sturdier and stronger greenhouse, but you can also build the door frame out of pvc as well.



pvc greenhouse design archedThe basic design of any arched pvc pipe greenhouse consists of the base, the arches, and a crossbar across the top.  Doors can be made of pvc pipe, wood, or you can also just leave them open and cut a whole in the plastic covering.



Gable PVC Greenhouse Designs

The other major pvc greenhouse design is the gable pvc greenhouse design.  This design does not use curved pipes like the arced design.  Instead straight pieces of pvc pipe are arranged to build a box frame with a peaked roof.  It is debate-able which design is easier to build.    In the end it comes down to personal preference and your size requirements.  Arched designs are generally better for larger greenhouses, while Gable designs can be easier if all you need is a small pvc greenhouse for your backyard.


pvc pipe greenhousepvc pipe greenhouse design









These are just a few examples to get you thinking and help you come up with your own pvc greenhouse design.  The great thing about building with pvc is that you can modify and customize your greenhouse any way you want.  See our guide to learn more about building your own pvc greenhouse, or check out some of the other great outdoors and gardening pvc projects here at

Update: Due to popular demand we will be featuring another pvc greenhouse design post in the near future. We have some great user submitted greenhouse designs to show you, so i thought I’d make a post to highlight some of the best ones. If you have a pvc pipe greenhouse that you would like to share, send it in to our suggestions page and it might be chosen for our next post!

And remember to use the to let us know what kind of pvc projects you would like to see more of, or show of your own creations with other diy’ers around the world.