Top PVC Projects from 2011

We featured many great pvc projects in our first year here at We had a wide range of applications and difficulty levels for our diy projects with everything from simple pvc games and toys, to larger scale projects like greenhouses and sprinkler systems.  In this post I’d like to take a look back at what were some of our most popular pvc projects from 2011 and try to see why our users liked them the most, so that we can bring you more of what you really want in the future. This list is by no means comprehensive, so be sure to browse the site or use the search feature to see all of our projects here at



PVC Garden Projects

By far our most popular category of diy pvc projects was the outdoors / gardening pvc projects. In terms of pageviews and general user interest, our PVC Greenhouse Project was by far the most popular. So popular in fact that we added another PVC Greenhouse post to highlight some of our favorite pvc greenhouse designs. I think this project was so popular because it is a very practical use for a pvc structure. Buying a premade greenhouse can be hundreds or even thousands of dollars, but building your own greenhouse with pvc pipe can be done for well under $100.


Another popular pvc garden project was the pvc sprinkler system. This one is really easy to build and provides you with a durable and efficient sprinkler system that is custom fit for your garden. We received a lot of feedback for this project and people were very happy with the results. I even built on with my grandfather for his backyard vegetable garden. He loves not having to deal with a store bought sprinkler that needs to be moved around and adjusted constantly. With this project you just lay out the pipes to provide full coverage to your garden, and all you have to do is turn on the hose for a while as needed. A real time and money saver.


Garden Trellis made out of PVC Pipe

This pvc pipe garden trellis was also a favorite for its simplicity and ease of construction.  For anyone with hanging or vine based plants like beans or tomatoes this one is a must.  Several of our users pointed out that the trellis looks great and blends better with the garden if it is painted green.  With these three easy projects you will be well on your way to a great backyard garden, all for a fraction of what it would cost you if you bought them premade from a big box store.





PVC Fishing Projects

Some of my personal favorite diy projects are the outdoors / sporting goods projects.  These pvc fishing rod holders in particular are one project that I used dozens of times over the summer in my many catfishing outings.  Speaking of catfish, the pvc jugline is another great money saving fishing project that is popular down south where jugline fishing is legal.  We even had a how to guide to building your own pvc fishing pole.


DIY pvc Guitar stand

PVC Instruments and related projects

If you play guitar, then you probably know how overpriced store bought guitar stands are.  Upwards of $20 for a few bent pieces of metal that you can lean a guitar on.  For a stand that holds multiple guitars the price can be as high as $80 or more.  So instead of wasting your money why not build a pvc guitar stand?  Customizable to hold as many guitars as you want, and less than $10 in materials.

As for actual instruments, we featured pvc flutes, a pvc digeridoo, and this crazy pvc instrument.


These are just a few of the great pvc projects featured here at  We plan on adding many more in the coming months so check back regularly.  And of course if you have a suggestion or what to show off one of your builds, let us know by using the contact page.