PVC Christmas Decoration: Build a Christmas Light Star

I think that we can all agree that the best Christmas decorations are the home made ones. This PVC pipe Christmas Star is a great little project to do with your family on a cold December day.  It’s quick, cheap and easy, and will last you and your family through many holiday seasons. The best part is that it only costs a few dollars to build it, and if you have some old Christmas lights lying around unused in the basement (who doesn’t) it can be built for under $10 in materials. So if you enjoy building crafts and PVC projects with your family, stop by the hardware store and pick up some PVC pipe, you’ll be amazed at what you can build and how fun it can be. This PVC Christmas Star will be with first of several PVC Christmas Projects we will be featuring here at pvcpipeandtubing.com.


For this PVC Christmas Project You Will Need:

  • 15 feet of 1/2″  PVC Pipe (as shown in the video, it may be more economical to buy three 10′ lengths to make two stars)
  • >12′ Rope Light or a regular string of Christmas Lights
  • >8″ Inch Cable Ties


How to build your PVC Christmas Light Star

First cut your PVC pipe to five 36 inch lengths.  Then drill a hole all the way through each pipe on both ends.  Try to make sure you drill straight through both sides of your PVC pipe, this will make things line up much better.  Remember that you just need your holes to be large enough for the zip ties to fit through them.  Also you want your holes near the ends of the pipe, but not too close that it leads to the pipe cracking.  Approximately 3/4″ to 1″ should be good.  You then link your pipes together with the zip ties as shown in the video.  It is best to leave the zip ties lose for now until you have arranged the pipes into your star shape.  Once you have done that you can tighten the zip ties and then add your lights.  Once you have pipes connected and laid out in the shape of a star you are ready to add your lights.  For rope lights just fold them and follow the path of the star, zip tying them down tight as you go.  For regular string Christmas lights, simply wrap the lights around the pipes, again using the zip ties to secure them to the Star.  That’s it!  Simple isn’t it?   This PVC star looks great hanging on the house or in the yard.  If you want a larger star it is as easy as simply cutting longer lengths of pipe.  You can also use the same technique to make all sorts of different shapes and other Christmas themed decorations.

 PVC Christmas Light Star Instruction Video

Let us know in the comments how your PVC stars turned out, and of course remember to send any other PVC Christmas projects you have our way via our PVC Project suggestions page.  Also check out some of our other great PVC Christmas Projects for you and your family to build this year.