Build a PVC Garden Irrigation System

A PVC Pipe garden irrigation system is the perfect solution to keeping your garden watered and healthy through the dog days of summer.  With the high temperatures of mid and late summer normal hand watering just won’t cut it to keep your garden hydrated.  Even sprinkler systems can be less than optimal due to the water evaporating too quickly in extreme heat.  PVC Pipe irrigation systems ensure that your plants get water delivered directly to the roots where they need it most, and where they can absorb it before it evaporates.  Home made garden irrigation systems are the perfect way to water the plants inside a PVC Greenhouse, and they are just one of the many PVC Gardening Projects that can save you time and money.  Read on and watch the video to learn how to build your own PVC garden watering system.


How PVC Garden Irrigation Systems Work

The simplest garden irrigation systems are drip watering systems.  They work by delivering water in a small area concentrated right over the roots of each plant.  This makes them more efficient because they don’t water all the dirt in between plants, just dirt in the immediate area around the roots.  Home garden irrigation systems can be set to deliver as much water as is desired.  They can drip water slowly all day long, or be turned on and off as needed.

Advantages of PVC Garden Irrigation Systems

The biggest advantage of building a pvc watering system for your garden is its efficiency.  Unlike with sprinkler systems that spray water everywhere, even where it is not needed, pvc garden irrigation systems allow you to focus the the water exactly where you want it.  You can design your watering system to fit the layout of your garden, or you can even make your system modular so you can move pieces around as needed.


How to build your PVC Garden Irrigation System

A drip watering garden irrigation system is a fairly easy build for most DIY’ers.   A little planning is needed before you start though.  Be sure to measure your garden and map out where each plant will be.   This is because you want your pipe running right next to the plants as shown in the video, so you can drill the holes that deliver the water right above each plants roots.

garden irrigation systemThe system can be made modular by using PVC Slip Joints for some of the connections, allowing you to quickly disassemble and reassemble certain parts of your system.  PVC joints that do not need to be moved can be glued with PVC Cement to make them more durable and ensure that you have no water leakage.


Another important tip for increasing efficiency is to install PVC Ball Valves at key places in your system so you can control water distribution within the system.  This is especially important if you intend to have one system to water several different types of plants, as it will allow you to water only the plants you want, without over watering others.

pvc garden watering system adaptorsOnce you have built your system, carefully cap and glue all of the end pieces, attach a PVC Garden Hose Adaptor and your home made garden watering system is complete!



Here are a few videos to show you what a working garden irrigation system looks like, and to give you some ideas on how to design your own system to fit your garden.

This first video shows a home made garden drip watering system set up without plants yet

And here is the same system at work watering plants


Design tips for building your own PVC Garden Irrigation System

  • plan out your garden and irrigation system before you start building, know what you want to do
  • use PVC Slip Joints for joints that you think you might want to move later
  • add Ball Valves so you can cut off water to different areas of the garden or different types of plants
  • consider plant sizes when drilling the drip holes, larger plants will need more water and thus more holes to deliver more water

This project may look a little difficult at first, but it is actually a fairly straightforward process to build.  The best part is that for the price of a decent sprinkler, you can build your own garden irrigation system tailed specifically for your garden and its water needs.  This project is a must for any serious gardener looking to improve their garden and eliminate excess water waste.

Send us some pictures of your garden watering systems and we will include them on the site, and be sure to check out the other great PVC gardening projects.