How to make a bow and arrow with PVC Pipe

Learning How to make a bow and arrow is something I think everyone should try at least once.  Shooting a pvc pipe bow is a fun summer activity, weather you are target shooting, practicing for hunting season or even bow fishing for carp. One thing that prevents a lot of people from enjoying this ancient sport is the price tag of modern compound bows. Beginner bows can start in the hundreds of dollars, and higher quality bows can easily cost one thousand dollars or more.  Luckily for us DIY-ers there is a cheaper way!  We can build our own bow with pvc pipe.


How to make a bow and arrow out of pvc

how to make a bow and arrowBuilding a PVC pipe longbow is another great sporting goods pvc project that can be built from some cheap and simple PVC pipe and a few other parts.  Here are some videos to walk you through the steps of building your pvc longbow.  I suggest watching all 3 videos so you have a better understanding of the different pvc bow designs, and how they are made.  You can then decide which bow you want to build for yourself.

This first video gives you a great step by step walk through on how to build a bow from pvc pipe.  It is very specific and even includes a complete parts list, which is always helpful.  Towards the end of the video we get to see some demonstrations of the author using his bow.  Notice the Armguard he is wearing while shooting the bow.  Getting one of these is highly recommended if you are new to shooting a bow.  You don’t want to know what a bow string will do if it scrapes across your wrist at a few hundred miles per hour while releasing an arrow.  If you really want to know what it will do I’m sure you can find some examples online.



Here are a few shorter videos that don’t go into as much detail on how to make a bow and arrow, but I still think they are very informative.  They give some nice tips and a slightly different perspective on how to make a bow from pvc pipe.


This last video also shows you how to do some performance testing on  your bow and how to measure the draw weight of your pvc bow. Also, gotta love the kitty litter target.


PVC Bow and Arrow Accessories and Add-Ons

There are a few accessories that will make using your pvc bow safer and more fun.  As mentioned above, an Armguard is highly recommended.  As someone who made the mistake of not using one years ago, trust me, the ten or fifteen dollars for one of these is totally worth it.  Even though it is of course possible to use a bow without an Armguard, having one will give you the extra confidence of knowing your arm is safe and allow you to focus more on shooting accurately.

Another inexpensive accessory that I consider a must for shooting accurately is a String Release. These do exactly as the name implies, they help you release the string cleanly. Without one you have to hold the string with your fingers, making releases inaccurate and possibly painful. The best archers in the world use a String Release, so that should tell how much more accurate they are than using your fingers alone.   Buying one of these is the best thing you can do to improve accuracy with a bow in my opinion.

Of course no bow and arrow set would be complete without the arrows. The type of arrows you need will be determined by what you intend to shoot with your bow, but a good starting point for beginners would be some simple Fiberglass Target Practice Arrows Once you have practiced a little more you may want to buy some higher quality arrows tailored to your specific needs. Here are is a Cheaper Set of Arrows for those who just want to have fun shooting targets in the backyard.

Last but not least, if you really want to get serious with your pvc pipe bow and arrow set.  You need an Old Fasioned Archery Target.  Just slap one of these on some hay bails, sandbags, or other backing, and have an archery competition with your friends.


PVC bow and arrow Safety Precautions

It is very important to remember that even though this pvc bow can be built at home for just a few dollars, it is still a well built and powerful bow.  PVC Bows are not toys! Exercise extreme caution when using your pvc bow and arrow.  Never, ever, point your bow at a person or an animal.  Bows do not come with safety switches, so be aware of your surroundings and backdrop at all times.  I suggest you do some research and have someone who knows what they are doing teach you how to use your bow.  It is very easy to injure yourself or others if you have little or no experience using a bow.  Also of course make sure it is legal to shoot a bow where you are so you don’t get into trouble.  As long as you are cautious and properly educated on the use of your bow, it will provide you with rewarding hobby and possibly open your eyes to the sports of bow hunting and target shooting.  Be sure to check out our other pvc sporting goods projects for more fun things to build this summer.