Build a PVC Pipe Survival Cache

This PVC Pipe Project was submitted by John from Ohio. His suggestion was for a pvc pipe survival cache. He says with 2012 just around the corner its not a bad idea to have some emergency supplies stored away just in case something does actually happen… :)

I have to admit it is a pretty cool pvc project, and extremely simple to build as well. All you need for supplies are a large piece  of pvc tubing and two end caps.  The total cost to build this project should easily be under twenty dollars.  But what you put in to your pvc survival cache is what will determine its usefulness and total cost investment.   The how to video gives some ideas about what to put in your pvc cache but everyone’s needs will be unique so I suggest you do a little web research for more ideas.

PVC Pipe Survival Cache Step by Step How to

The video walks you through the planning and building of your pvc survival cache from start to finish.  The instructions are pretty straightforward and the maker of the video also gives some ideas and suggestions about what to put in your pvc survival cache once it is finished.



What to put in your PVC Survival Cache

  • food (obviously freeze dried or something that will last a long time)
  • first aid / medical supplies
  • rope
  • tools
  • maps / compass
  • anything useful


Another idea for this project is to build a pvc pipe time capsule, as anything buried in this capsule will last quite a long time if it is constructed properly.  The most important step with a project like this is getting a good solid seal when gluing the pvc pipe and end caps.  If the pvc end caps are not properly sealed then moisture will be allowed to get into the capsule, and of course damage whatever is inside. Make sure you use a Heavy-Duty PVC Cement or PVC Cement & Primer combination.


What would you put in your pvc survival cache / time capsule?  What other uses can you think of for a project like this?  Let us know in the comments and keep the pvc project suggestions coming.