Make a DIY PVC Fishing Survival Kit

Why build a pvc fishing survival kit?

This diy pvc fishing survival kit is a great pvc project for anyone who enjoys the outdoors.  It can be a lifesaver if you are ever stranded deep in the wilderness and need to catch your own food.  Or it can be a fun toy to throw in your pack when you go camping or hiking. The compact design of this kit makes it lightweight  and easy to carry.  Impress your friends by catching fish on your own home made fishing survival kit and then cook them over the campfire, survivor-man style.


PVC Fishing Survival Kit How to Videos

This video shows how easy it is to make a survival kit with some pvc pipe and tools you can find around your house.  The video walks you through the materials needed and steps to build your fishing kit.  This is just one version, and you can build your own pvc fishing kit as large or as small as you want, for example the small kit made out of an empty marker.


Items to include in your survival fishing kit

Even a small pvc fishing kit can hold a lot of fishing gear.  Some people like to add small lures, bobbers/strike indicators or other tools, but these are all optional.  Listed below are the bare essentials for any survival fishing kit.

  • Fishing Line
  • Hooks of various sizes
  • split shot sinkers


That’s all you really need to fish in the wild.  Sticks can be used for poles, or the line can be hand held.  You can also use small sticks or driftwood as strike indicators / bobbers by tying your line onto them.  Bait can usually be caught by hand in the form of worms or bugs, but it can be a good idea to include a small package of artificial bait that will not spoil, such as Gulp! Alive worms.

The following video shows you another example of a pvc pipe fishing kit and some of the things you may wish to include.

How to fish with your pvc fishing kit.

Fishing with a survival kit is similar to fishing with a rod and reel, except you generally don’t have a rod and reel.  In the wild, you can tie the line to then end of a long stick to use as a pole, or hold the line in your hands.  If you need a float / bobber use a small piece of wood tied to your line.

If you are not using a tree branch for a pole you can wrap the line around your fishing kit.  The first part of the video below shows how to properly cast a hand line and catch fish on a survival fishing kit.  Remember that you will need some weight on your rig to be able to cast it a decent distance, so make sure to add enough weight with split shot sinkers.


With a survival kit you will generally be fishing with live bait that you find in the area in the form of worms or insects unless you have included an artificial bait in your kit.  Crayfish, frogs, and spiders also work great as bait for larger fish.  Once you have your bait just cast your bait into a likely spot and wait for a bite.  Hopefully you will be cooking dinner before you know it.