PVC Fishing Rod Holders – Build your own Fishing Pole Storage Solution

DIY PVC Fishing Rod Holders

Building your own pvc fishing pole holders is a great diy pvc project for any fisherman who doesn’t already have rod holders.  The great thing about building your own fishing rod holders with pvc pipe (besides saving money) is that they can be customized in many ways.  You can build a great custom sized pvc fishing rod holder for your home or garage, or you can also easily mount your pvc rod holder to your car or boat.

truck mounted pvc fishing pole holder

PVC Rod Holder Design tips

There are many different pvc rod holder designs and variations, but as you can see they all use the same basic plan.  And that is simply cut lengths of pvc pipe that are mounted vertically, allowing you to place the butt end of your rods into the pipe.  One variation that many people like to add is a slot cut out in the side of each pipe.  The reel on your poles is then slid into the slot, which secures it from moving around in the pipe and helps makes sure that all poles are aligned neatly in the rod holder.


This picture shows the basic design of a pvc pipe fishing rod holder. Just a vertical piece of pipe that you put the butt of your pole into, it doesn’t get any simpler than that! Note the angled slot allowing the reel to easily slide in.  You can simply scale this design to however many rod holders you require.  You can mount your rod holders with brackets or you can also drill directly through the pipe to mount with screws or bolts as in the above truck mounted holder.




Larger Scale Fishing Pole Organizers

You can also build larger rod holders that are free standing pvc pipe  structures that you can use to organize your rods in your garage or home.  Here are a few examples of free standing pvc fishing pole holders.

Two very basic home made PVC Pipe Rod Holders



Larger Scale PVC Rod Holders Capable of holding many poles.


Shore Fishing Rod Holders

Another popular use for a pvc rod holder is for shore fishing.  This rod holder was designed to be placed on a shore where it can hold multiple rods spread apart at different angles to prevent tangling.  This is a great idea for any fisherman trying to fish from shore with multiple poles at a time.





Basic PVC rod holders can be built for under $10 in parts will last a lifetime.  Building your own rod holders also allows you complete control over the design, size, and number rods.  Compare that to store bought rod holders which range in price from $20 – $50 or more, and you can see why this is such a popular project among fishermen.