How to Make Your Own Hand Carved PVC Fishing Lures

Carving Your own Fishing Lures with PVC

PVC makes a great material for carving your own fishing lures.  It is buoyant, lightweight, easy to carve, and strong.  PVC Fishing Lures are a great diy project for any fisherman who enjoys making their own lures.

pvc fishing lures

Leftover PVC decking scraps and other thicker types of pvc make great blanks for carving your own lures. PVC lures hold paint and decals extremely well, and eyelets can be glued in to make for a very strong lure. This is a great project for any fisherman with some pvc scraps lying around the house.

Check out this video of some very well made pvc lures in action. I really liked the swimbaits towards the end. Comparable lures can be as much as $20 or more in stores. Check out some of the other money saving pvc fishing and sporting goods projects.



DIY Fishing Lure Design Tips

A few tips: If you don’t have a thick enough piece of pvc for your lure, you can glue two pieces together and let them dry before carving. Rough grit sandpaper is very effective and finishing lures and making fine adjustments when tuning lures to run straight. PVC is much easier to carve at higher temperatures, consider using a heat gun or even a hair dryer to heat the pvc if you are finding it difficult to carve your lure. Metal files are also a good way to shape the pvc how you want.