How To Build a PVC Pipe Rocket Motor

Build Your own DIY Rocket Engine

Building and Launching Model Rockets is a fun hobby for all ages.  However one negative for many people is the high prices of model rocket engines.  For this reason many Model Rocket Enthusiasts are now building their own rocket engines instead of paying the high prices found at local and online hobby stores.  Not only is building your own pvc rocket engines much cheaper than buying, but it also allows you to customize your rocket size and strength any way you like.

This video does a great job explaining the basics of building pvc rocket motors.  Check out the users other videos for more tips on building miniature rockets with pvc pipe.

Of course working with rockets and combustible materials can be dangerous, so make sure to use proper precautions and procedures if you build your own pvc pipe rocket.


PVC Pipe Rocket Materials:


When properly constructed, these home made pvc rocket engines literally blow away any comparable store bought rockets.   Model rocket engines is yet another pvc project that not only saves money, but is arguably better than the more expensive store bought version.  If you like this project  you might also be interested in other pvc sporting goods projects.