DIY PVC Speakers – Quick and Easy PVC Project


DIY PVC Speakers

Building your own PVC pipe Speakers has to be one of the easiest and coolest DIY pvc projects we have featured here in a while.   Just match the size of your speaker to the size of your pvc pipe, get a few fittings and right angle connectors, and attach your speaker to the open ends of the pipe, and drop your wiring through the pipe and out through a whole hidden somewhere in the back.  You can make the speaker structure any way you want, so go crazy, add as many speakers as you want.   Here are a few finished PVC Pipe Speakers I found around the web for inspiration.  If you decide to build your own pvc speakers be sure you send us some pics of your finished product.  This is such an easy project and there are so many different ways to implement it I can’t wait to see what you guys can come up with.

easy diy pvc pipe speaker




diy pvc pipe speaker stands





Be sure to check out the great deals on pvc pipe and fittings at Amazon.  Shorter lengths of pvc pipe and most fittings are available with free shipping and a huge cost savings compared to your local hardware store.  You might also want to consider a quality pvc pipe cutter for making clean and accurate cuts in pvc, and don’t forget the pvc cement for joining your pieces together permanently.  You can experiment with different pipe lengths, diameters, and shapes.  Yet another way to tune your pvc pipe speakers to make them sound better is to ad ports, either by cutting holes in your pipe or by leaving the opposite end from the speaker open.  You could even ad a T-joint to have dual ports and send the sound in different directions, there really is no limit to what you can do and the different designs you can come up with.  Remember to share your pvc speakers with us by using our submit a project page.