Build a PVC Pipe Greenhouse

Build Your Own PVC Pipe Greenhouse

PVC Pipe Greenhouses are a great project for anyone who gardens and would like a small greenhouse in their yard.   Greenhouses are a very popular pvc DIY project because they are a fraction of the cost of other greenhouses, durable, and easy to build.  You can easily build a small to medium greenhouse in your backyard over the course of a weekend or even a day.  This greenhouse will last years into the future and make a great place to grow anything you want.

PVC Greenhouse Designs


pvc greenhouse framepvc greenhouse complex frame small pvc growbox or greenhousepvc pipe greenhouse, henhouse, small structure

As you can see there are many different ways to build your own pvc pipe greenhouse.


These PVC greenhouses are all simple to build with a few lengths of pipe and the right pvc fittings.  These pvc structures can be used for anything you can think of, not just greenhouses, as illustrated by the henhouse structure above.


Things To Consider when building your pvc Greenhouse.

Building a pvc pipe greenhouse will require more more supplies than your typical pvc project, so you may want to consider buying your pipe and fittings online to save yourself some cash.  Most sizes of pipe are even available with free shipping so there is no excuse for you to pay your local hardware store 4 times the price for the same pipe.  You can also find useful tools and other accessories like pvc pipe cutters much cheaper online.


For smaller greenhouses and grow boxes standard 1″ schedule 40 pvc pipe is sufficient, but for larger structures you many want to consider a larger diameter such as 2″ pvc pipe for more strength.


There are many great useful pvc garden projects here at and we will be adding many more in the coming weeks and throughout the summer.  If you have a great pvc gardening project that you would like to sharewith others please submit it and we will post it on the site.