Incredible Home Made PVC Roller Coasters

Check out these home made pvc roller coasters. From the videos it looks like they actually go pretty fast. How awesome would it be have one of these in your backyard? Obviously the people who built these must have really known what they were doing. This is not a project that I would recommend to anyone, but it does show that the possibilities of PVC pipe and tubing are limitless. Some even have cars made out of PVC pipe.

This Video Shows a Point of View perspective so you can see what It would look like if you were riding this PVC rollercoaster. It looks pretty fun too me, I bet this guys backyard is a hit with all the neighborhood kids.

Below is a little simpler home made PVC rollercoaster. This one looks a little more do-able for an experienced craftsman. Even though its short and has no curves it still looks pretty fun.

This last one is my favorite. It has a very steep twelve foot drop. This thing has got to be a rush to ride, check out the acceleration it gets coming down that first hill, just awesome!

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