How to Build a PVC Ladder Golf Game, aka rodeo golf, hillbilly golf, bola toss, bolo toss

Make Your own Ladder Golf Game

Ladder Golf is a great game for any gathering. You may also know it by its different names: rodeo golf, hillbilly golf, and bolo toss. This is one of the easiest PVC projects that you can build and it provide your family and friends with years of entertainment at reunions, camping trips, barbecues, or any time. Its always a hit when I take my set tailgating as the set is painted to match my favorite team’s colors. First some pictures of Ladder Golf sets and then an explanation of the rules. As you can see it is a very simple structure that anyone can build.

This last picture shows what we need to build a ladder toss game.  As you can see it is very simple to build the ladder structure.  I have made several of these and I can tell you from experience that the hardest part about making a ladder toss game is making the bolas (the rope lengths with golf balls at both ends that you toss at the ladder).   It can be difficult to drill through the golf balls which is why I prefer to buy my Bolas now instead of making them.  They sell for less than you could make them for and last longer than homemade bolas.  I also prefer 1″ PVC instead of 3/4″ or 1/2″ because it is much stronger and sturdier.  I have used all three and I can tell you that if you use 1/2″ or 3/4″ PVC it will of course work, but your ladders will be a little flimsy.  With 1″ PVC your ladders will be rock solid and virtually unbreakable.

Parts List for Ladder Golf Game

  • 30 feet of 1″ PVC pipe
  • four (4)  1″   90 degree right angle joints
  • twelve (12)  1″  T-connectors
  • six (6)  Ladderball Bolas I recommend two sets of Bolas (12 total) for team play

Rules for Ladder Golf vary widely, and most people have their own “backyard” rules so I will let you determine what rules to use (or just google search and pick a ruleset that looks fun)