How To Build A Catfish Jug out of PVC Pipe

Make your own catfish jug with pvc pipe.


Almost all fisherman are DIY’ers, but this is even more true with those who primarily target catfish, so I know the catfishermen out there will appreciate this pvc Catfish Jug project.  Please remember before building though, that even though jug fishing is a great way to cat catfish, it is not legal in all states.  So please check your local regulations before you go and start fishing with these pvc catfish jugs.
Unfortunately jug fishing is not legal where I live, but I have tried it when visiting a friend who lives down south, and I can confirm that it works great.  If you do not know what Jug Fishing is, just do a quick search and you will find tons of information on how they work, where to use them, and what baits to use.

PVC catfish Jugline building Instructions

To build this pvc catfish jug, you will need a piece of pvc pipe, 2 to 3 inches in diameter, and one of those foam swimming pool noodles.  (they can be found at walmart for under $2) First, cut the pvc pipe into 10 inch lengths, each of these 10 inch lengths will make one pvc catfish jug, so cut as many as you want.

You then cut the foam swimming noodle into 10-12 inch pieces and insert them into the pvc lengths.  Because the foam noodles are a larger diameter than the pvc pipes, you will need to force them in with a twisting motion, this will ensure that they are tight and that your pvc jug will stay afloat when it hooks a catfish.
When you have the foam noodle inside the pvc pipe, all you have to do now is drill a hole all the way through the pipe, foam, and back out the other side of the pipe.
You then thread your twine or fishing line through this whole, and tie your hook to the other end.
Thats it!  Make sure you leave yourself enough extra line to get your bait to the depth you want.


Due to the popularity of some of our recent hunting and fishing pvc projects, we will be featuring a lot more pvc fishing, hunting and general pvc outdoors projects.  We encourage you to recommend or request pvc projects that you want to see in the future, so let us know what pvc outdoors projects you think are fun and useful.