DIY PVC Guitar Stand

Any guitar player out there with multiple guitars will appreciate this DIY PVC Guitar Stand. Guitar stands that hold multiple guitars like this one can cost upward of $60 if bought in a store or online. Store bought guitar stands like this are also nowhere near the quality and strength of this DIY pvc guitar stand. These instructions are very well done with specific pvc fittings and pvc pipe sizes listed. It is a cheap and easy pvc project and the finished product will last for years, all for a fraction of a similar store bought guitar stand.

DIY pvc Guitar stand

A Finished home made PVC Guitar stand

How to make your own PVC Guitar Stand

Here is a smaller scale version made to hold guitar hero/rock band guitars. Great way to organize all those video game guitars and keep them in good condition.

mini DIY pvc guitar stand for guitar hero and rock band guitars

Miniature PVC guitar stand for Video Game guitars

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