Build a Simple Garden Trellis From PVC Pipe


PVC Pipe Garden Trellis

One of my favorite practical uses around the home for PVC is a trellis for tomatoes and other vine plants in your backyard garden. This fairly simple pvc pipe structure uses two 10-foot lengths of PVC pipe, two elbow joints and a length of 4 feet of PVC to connect the top of the trellis. You also need a strong cord or rope.


How to build your garden trellis

Take both 10 foot long pieces of PVC pipe and sink them into the ground on each side of the plants you want to climb the trellis. Then glue the couplings onto those pipes with pvc glue, and also glue the middle crossbar into place at this time. You can then tie a strong strings or rope tightly between the two vertical pvc pipes a few inches off the ground. And also tie a vertical string between this bottom horizontal string, and the top crossbar of your trellis. Make sure the string or rope you use is strong enough and tied tight, as these vertical strings will be supporting your plants as they grow up the pvc trellis. You can train your plants by gently wrapping the fresh tendrils around the vertical strings. Once they take hold of a string they will continue to follow it up as they grow, saving you ground space and saving your back a lot of unnecessary strain when it comes time to harvest your crop.


Garden Trellis made out of PVC PipeDIY Garden Trellis Building Tips and Modifications

One slight modification I like to make is instead of using normal elbow joints to join the horizontal and vertical pieces of tubing, I use “T” Joints. This allows me to add on more horizontal pipes to each end and expand the trellis to as long as I need it.

Building a garden trellis is a very easy pvc diy project, and will give you many years of service in your garden. Besides saving space in your garden, your plants with vines will grow great on this trellis and your back will thank you come harvest time when you don’t have to bend down to pick your fruits and vegetables.  We also have more pvc garden projects that help you save and make your garden the best on the block.